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Zero Waste DIY Deodorant Recipe

September 12, 2018

I decided to make my own zero waste deodorant when I found that Johnsons & Johnson’s baby powder contain traces of abestos. This led me to wonder what was in my deodorant. Low and behold – one of the ingredients is Aluminium which stops the pores from allowing you to perspire. This was interesting because by blocking the pores it means your sweat and toxins can’t escape your body and that just doesn’t sound natural to me. So I researched a few recipes to make a more natural deodorant made from organic ingredients that I can be sure isn’t going to mess around with my body’s detox functions. So let’s get started on this Zero Waste Deodorant!



  1. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl until well combined (Arrowroot & Baking Soda) If your skin is sensitive, I would suggest adding more arrowroot to baking soda ratio, which will make your deodorant more mild.
  2. Add the oils to the bowl
  3. Mix everything until it turns to a paste
  4. Scoop the paste into the glass container.

That’s it! Bam! You’re done. Gorgeous smelling deodorant.

I usually just use my finger to get a pea size amount from the jar and apply directly to my underarms. Pretty easy. I’m happy and my underarms are happy.

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You can also find Zero Waste Toothpaste and Mouthwash recipes here.

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