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    Reusable nappies (Totsbots Review)

    November 29, 2021

    Reusable nappies are an easy way to be environmentally friendly when raising a child (did you know it takes 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose?).  When we were planning for a baby we always had in mind the possibility of exclusively using reusable nappies for the environment but was also a little hesitant due to the perceived hardships it brings.  We were eventually convinced  when we started doing more research and hearing some of our colleagues and friends…

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    Top Breastfeeding Locations in London

    Being a first time mother and new to breastfeeding, the thought of breastfeeding outside the comfort of my home was very intimidating. However, after the first month of home confinement, I knew I had…

    November 24, 2021