Reusable nappies (Totsbots Review)

November 29, 2021

Reusable nappies are an easy way to be environmentally friendly when raising a child (did you know it takes 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose?).  When we were planning for a baby we always had in mind the possibility of exclusively using reusable nappies for the environment but was also a little hesitant due to the perceived hardships it brings.  We were eventually convinced  when we started doing more research and hearing some of our colleagues and friends have also used or are considering it. The Real nappies for London scheme really helped in convincing us to give it a try and we haven’t looked back!.

The fit

There are many reusable nappy brands out there and the size and fit will vary widely. We decided to go with Totsbots after giving their trial kit a go and we really liked the designs and how simple it was to use.  We ended up purchasing three types of reusable nappies from them as we required a newborn size (Teenyfit), Bamboozle (Size 1), and Easyfit (all in one size) for convenience.

Type of nappySizeAbsorbency Ease of Use
Totsbots Teenyfit5-12 lbs160 ml Easy
Totsbots Easyfit8-35 lbs385 ml Easy
Totsbots Bamboozle (Peenut wrap)Size 1 (6-18lb)

Size 2 (9-35lb)


Small Bamboozle Pad holds 210 ml

Big Bamboozle Pad holds 270 ml

Both Bamboozle Pads simultaneously hold 480 ml


Totsbots Teenyfit

These are quite small, designed for premature or tiny babies. We purchased these after baby was born because the EasyFit and Bamboozles were too big for our 2.92kg baby. These Teenyfits lasted about 4 weeks of use before baby grew out of them. On some days, we would add a bamboo booster in the nappy to allow the nappy to last longer.

Totsbots Easyfit

This is our favourite nappy out of the 3 types of nappies Totsbots stock. Since it fits 8-35lb by adjusting the popper buttons, it allows us to customise the sizing to suit baby. Also found this easier to assemble and wash as it is all in one piece and not multiple pieces. This will be the closest to a normal disposable nappy. Going forward, this is what we will be using full time for the following reasons:

  • Quickest to assemble
  • Best fit on our baby (not too wide in the crotch)
  • Wash the whole thing without wiping the shell and attaching new boosters
  • Lowest learning curve (so other care givers can easily use these too)

Totsbots Bamboozle (Peenut wrap)

We purchased these first as many reviews said these nappies dry faster as they are seperate components. However, we found these too wide in the crotch for baby and assembling and dissembling for washing to be troublesome. These nappies will be used when we run out of the Easyfits as a back up.


Collecting, washing and drying

Surprisingly the whole process of using reusable nappies was easier than expected. depending on the number of reusable nappies you have, you could do a load a few times a week, or everyday!.

We collect dirty reusable nappies in a sealable dry bucket and rinse out any dirty nappies under the tap. Once this is full, the reusable nappies are loaded together in a 60 degree wash cycle with non-bio washing powder and a cup of Detol antibacterial wash. It is important to never use fabric softener as this will reduce the absorbency of the reusable nappy. The reusable nappies will come out fresh and fluffy (however do expect some stains). Hang dry the reusable nappies – this will also ensure that the stains will be bleached by the sunlight when being dried. Once it’s dry, there should not be any stains and is clean to use again.

Totsbots Teenyfit



Totsbots Easyfit


Totsbots Bamboozle (Peenut wrap)


On the go (travel)

After several weeks of testing the best combination of what reusable nappies to bring on the go, we found using the Teenyfits the best as it is really compact and fits easily into the changing bags. Teenyfits only fit newborns up until 12lb (5.4kg), so we will need to rethink this once our baby is that size.

The Easyfits ware the easiest to use, especially on the go, however it gets bulky once it is used and the parts are not interchangeable.



Reusable nappies require quite a bit of initial upfront costs and depending on the brand of reusable nappies, this could cost a few hundred pounds to have a full-time kit (roughly 10 changes a day from newborn). If you live in London and are from an eligible council borough, you may be eligible for a Real Nappies for London voucher of up to£54.15 (depending on your borough) which can be used at selected retailers.

Many retailers have “trial kits” where you are able to purchase a small amount of reusable nappies to see if they work for you. We decided to go with the brand Totsbots as they had a trial kit, looked less bulky than the others, and offered a decent discount on the bundle kits.

Type of nappyNumber purchasedCost
Totsbots Teenyfit7£60
Totsbots Easyfit11£107
Totsbots Bamboozle (Peenut Wrap)4 Wraps
10 Peanut pads



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