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How to be Zero Waste

January 10, 2018

After watching War on Waste last year, I have been suddenly immersed into the world of Zero Waste living. Here are some of the things to slowly transition to a Zero Waste Living.

Stop BuyingStart Investing in
Coffee in disposable paper cupsReusable cups – KeepCup, Frank Green coffee cup
Plastic water bottlesReusable bottles – Frank Green water bottle, Kleen Kanteen Insulated bottle
Cling film/wrapBees wax reusable covers and wraps
Plastic bagsSturdy shopping bags
Fast fashion clothing – e.g. H&M, Primark, ZaraGood quality clothes that will last longer. These don’t have to be a particular brand, I find natural and/organic materials are best.
ToothpasteGood quality organic coconut oil and peppermint oil
MouthwashPeppermint oil and baking soda – Here’s a recipe
Tea bagsGood quality loose tea leaves
Chemical cleaning spray bottlesBaking soda, white vinegar and essential oils
DeodorantDIY Lavender Spray, DIY Deodorant
Vacuums that need vacuum bagsBagless vacuum – you can’t go wrong with a Handheld Dyson
Too much fresh food – overbuying fresh food may lead to food waste if you don’t finish it in timeSmall quantities of fresh organic fruits and vegetables
Plastic StrawsInvest in reusable straws

In London, a food waste bin is provided by the council and gets picked up every Thursday morning. This is another way that we’ve been able to tackle our tea leaves, vegetable and fruit skin waste.

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