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    Top Breastfeeding Locations in London

    November 24, 2021

    Being a first time mother and new to breastfeeding, the thought of breastfeeding outside the comfort of my home was very intimidating. However, after the first month of home confinement, I knew I had to learn to breastfeed in public. Living in London, here are the top breastfeeding locations I have found. Selfridges On level 4, just outside of the general toilets are 2 rooms for baby changing and feeding. There is one chair in each room which allows for…

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    Tokyo Bike Bisou Review

    Although we each have a beloved Brompton M6L bike, there were a lot of cases where I wanted to lock my bike outside but couldn’t bring myself to do it. That’s when we thought…

    July 28, 2019
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    Aesop London Travel Kit Review

    When we decided to move to London, Eddy went out and purchased the Aesop London Travel Kit as a act of commitment. It was exciting to have a whole travel toiletry kit ready to…

    November 18, 2018
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    Brompton Tote Bag Review

    The Brompton Tote bag is a stylish, practical and suitable for daily use. It comes with a reflective shower cap rain cover that is very handy for wet weather. This is one of the…

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    Zero Waste DIY Deodorant Recipe

    I decided to make my own zero waste deodorant when I found that Johnsons & Johnson’s baby powder contain traces of abestos. This led me to wonder what was in my deodorant. Low and…

    September 12, 2018
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    Weekend in Dublin

    One of the reasons we moved to London was that it enabled us to travel to nearby European cities on weekends instead of taking a massive European holiday. We have been truly inspired by…

    September 4, 2018