Top Breastfeeding Locations in London

November 24, 2021

Being a first time mother and new to breastfeeding, the thought of breastfeeding outside the comfort of my home was very intimidating. However, after the first month of home confinement, I knew I had to learn to breastfeed in public. Living in London, here are the top breastfeeding locations I have found.


On level 4, just outside of the general toilets are 2 rooms for baby changing and feeding. There is one chair in each room which allows for breastfeeding. Unfortunately, there was only one chair so Eddy had to stand whilst I fed baby. In one of the rooms there is a toilet so you don’t have to go outside to go to the toilet. Both rooms felt clean and comfortable and I would definitely go back to use the room again if in the area.


  1. There is a door with a lock, so you can have complete privacy without anyone barging in.
  2. There is a toilet in one of the rooms, so you don’t have to leave your baby unattended to use the toilet outside.
  3. Clean and easy to locate.


  1. One down side is that there are no hand paper towels in case of spillages or paper towels to line the changing mat, so make sure to bring your own.
  2. There is only one chair in each room so if you have dad with you or other children, they will have to stand.
  3. There are no paper towels available

John Lewis

On level 4, there is a Parents Room. It is discreetly tucked away right next to where they sell baby car seats. They have 2 rooms where a curtain is pull to signify that it is occupied. Each room as 2 rocking chairs and it is nicely decorated with picture frames and wall paper. They also have a changing area and a toilet.


  1. Feels they have completely thought through what parents need for babies
  2. There are paper towels provided to line the changing mats
  3. Decor is muted and calming


  1. The feeding rooms are slightly tired and there are stains on the rocking chairs
  2. The curtains, although provide some privacy, do not prevent peeping toms.
  3. It gets quite busy, a line can form waiting for the feeding rooms.

British Museum

This was a real maze runner. There isn’t a dedicated Parents Rooms, however, there is a really good quiet location on level -1 called the Ford Centre for Children. This area had lockers and benches where we were able to spread out and literally had no visitors. There was a small baby changing room and a disabled toilet adjacent. This was really a refuge whilst walking in Holborn area.


  1. Very low traffic area so provided some privacy
  2. Large bench area so we were able to spread out our pram and baby gear


  1. Initially hard to locate but with the help of some staff we were able to locate it via a lift at the entrance.
  2. No dedicated parents room and the majority of the staff were confused what a Parents room was

Brent Cross Shopping Centre

The Parents Room at Brent Cross Shopping Centre was surprisingly amazing. Located next to the general toilets, it was cutely decorated with fox cartoon characters. It had a hot and cold water source, microwave, 2 changing pads, 3 armchairs and a touch screen where kids can play games. This was by far the best in terms of amenities.


  1. Super cutely decorated with cartoon characters
  2. Had 3 arm chairs so everyone could sit down.
  3. Had a microwave so you could heat up baby food
  4. Had a drinking hot and cold water tap, so you can heat up milk and refill water.


  1. You will have to use the public toilets as there is no dedicated toilet in the room
  2. The sink was clogged so it was collecting water if you wash your hands after changing a nappy


Find a bench. This is a bench at Primrose Hill.

Restaurants and Cafes

Whilst out and about in a restaurant and cafe. Here I’m at Camden’s Purezza.

Here I’m at Camden’s Neat Burger.

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