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Cateye Sync Core Set Review

November 25, 2018

It is Autumn in the UK now and with winter approaching, this means shorter days and colder/wet weather. It was time for me to upgrade the lights on my bike. I did a lot of research and settled on the below pair which I thought was exceptional value for money for the technology.

The Cateye Sync Core Set include both front and rear lights which syncs to the one button to turn on and off. What interested me most was the small size of the lights given the high lumen output! and the rear light had a accelerometer that detects if you are slowing down (braking) and will light up the rear lights at maximum output (like a motor vehicle would!).


Cateye Sync Core Front Light

The main light is jam packed with 500 lumen output with a side visibility design gives the power to not only see, but be seen as well.

  • 500 lumen
  • Li-ion battery can be charged via Micro USB
  • Mode memory function
  • Versatile FlexTight bracket


The light is extremely bright and lights up the road very well both in well lit up areas and in unlit areas. The 500 lumen is the highest setting and should last about 2 hrs.


High(500 lumens): 2 hrs
Middle(150 lumens): 9 hrs
Low(100 lumens): 15 hrs
Daytime HyperConstant(500/100 lumens): 18 hours
Flashing(100 lumens): 130 hrs


94 grams (light unit and battery)


41.5 x 33.5 x 93.5 mm


Cateye Kinetic Rear Light

This rear light has a built-in accelerometer that switches to max mode as you decelerate.

  • 50 lumen
  • Built-in acceleration sensor for Kinetic mode
  • Mounts securely to the seat post with the rubber band (12-32 mm)
  • USB rechargeable (Micro USB cable included)
  • Mode memory function
  • Main LED for visibility from distance


The rear light is extremely bright with a range of settings and it can be seen from a long distance.


High(40 lumens):1.5 hrs
Low(5 lumens):15 hrs
Flashing(30 lumens):50 hrs
Rapid(50 lumens):20 hrs
Group Ride(40 lumens):15 hrs
Daytime HyperFlash(50 lumens):30 hrs


43g (with battery)


74.5 x 26 x 28mm

How does it Sync?

The lights are paired with your phone when you first set it up in the Cateye Sync App where you can customise what settings are available on the lights, and also able to see the battery percentage.



This has proved to be a very reliable and excellent light to use in the evening rides home. The real life battery life is decent but I pretty much recharge it every 2-3days anyway. I have attached it to my Brompton by customising mount fork and it folds without any issues.

Although it was a bit pricey it was well worth the investment. I did note that it was also made in Japan. Hopefully this should last a very long time.



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