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Reusable Water Bottle Review: Frank Green vs Eddy Camelbak

December 10, 2018


Plastic bottles have been one of the easiest to replace as we go more and more sustainable. Having a reusable bottle means you can re-fill you bottle on the go and not add to the landfill waste everyday.

Did you know there is 1 million bottles being thrown away everyday? This means that plastic bottles are almost certainly reaching our oceans, decomposing into micro-plastics, leaching toxic chemicals into the sea and potentially ingested by sea life and birds. This is a sad sad truth. By just switching to a re-usable water bottle all this can be ended!

As we already tried and loved the Frank Green coffee cup, Eddy has been using the Frank Green water bottle for almost 2 years and I recently purchased the Glass Eddy Camelbak because I wanted a glass water bottle. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the review!


Frank Green

What is it made of? Where is it made?

Not only are frank green products good for the environment – being made from recyclable materials and reducing the use of single use bottled water and coffee cups – they’re also great for your health, being made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials. Frank Green is also 100% Australian owned, with all products designed and manufactured in Melbourne. (For more info –

Frank Green Water Bottle Range

You can find more information about their coffee cup in our other review Reusable Cup Review: KeepCup vs. Frank Green Cup

Eddy Camel Bak

What is it made of? Where is it made?

  • There is a silicone sleeve that adds extra protection to potential impact areas
  • The main water bottle is made of quite thick glass
  • There is a one-bite valve where you bite and sip the water from a straw
  • Naturally 100% BPA-Free
  • CamelBak is an outdoors equipment company based in Petaluma, California. My bottle is made in France.
  • Another awesome feature is that there is a CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee “If we built it, we’ll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee”

Eddy Camelbak range

camelbak eddy glass

Comparison of Frank Green and Eddy Camelbak


Frank Green water bottle holds 25 oz (710 ml) where as the glass Eddy Camelbak holds 24 oz (682ml). It’s not a big difference (roughly 30 ml) but I do prefer more capacity.

Winner: Frank Green

Frank Green 1  |  Eddy Camelbak 0



Frank Green weighs roughly 100g where as the Eddy Camelbak weighs in at a whopping 521grams! That’s right people this glass water bottle is more than half a kilo! It is a weighty one but if you are looking for a sturdy glass water bottle, you’re going to have to put up with this weight. 

Winner: Frank Green (hands down)

Frank Green 2  |  Eddy Camelbak 0



Frank Green has a pretty good warranty policy from experience. When something was wrong with my lid on the coffee cup, I simply emailed them and they were able to send me a new lid. You can find their warranty details here. Camelbak takes warranty to another level. Camelbak claims

“If we built it, we’ll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee”

You can’t beat lifetime… I haven’t tested their warranty before, only because out of the 5 Camelbak’s we own they are still alive! We’ve taken the plastic versions on some serious hikes, dropped them multiple times and they still live. Nothing has happened yet to my glass Camelbak yet.

Winner: Eddy Camelbak

Frank Green 2  |  Eddy Camelbak 1


Drinking Experience

If you are used to the Frank Green coffee cup then you are familiar with the mechanics of this bottle. There is a centre push button that you press and a little hole that water comes out from. The water that comes out is a good flow. However, sometimes I find myself dribbling water down my chin with this bottle. Either, I’m a slow drinker or that I have not perfected the suction to the little hole. On the other hand, the Eddy Camelbak operates through a one-bite valve. This means that you bite and suck the water from a valve and straw. Personally, I prefer this way of water deliverance because I do not need to tilt the bottle to deliver my water, I can just sip it slowly from the bite straw.

Winner: Eddy Camelbak

Frank Green 2  |  Eddy Camelbak 2



It has been super easy to clean the insides of both bottles due to the wide mouths. The tricky part I find is the caps. Frank Green is relatively easy and seems more hygienic when I clean the cap. Where as for the Camelbak, because of the bite-valve storing water and saliva on a constant basis, I found that the bite-valve needs to be replaced when you start to see green gross bacteria! Scary I know! You can not clean this efficiently with home cleaning products (or not that I know) that’s why Camelbak sells the bite-valve replacements! Is it me or does the cleaning tools look like a toilet scrubber?

Winner: Frank Green

Frank Green 3  |  Eddy Camelbak 2

camelbak eddy glass


Accessories & Parts:

Both are generally easy to replace. However, for Frank Green, you need to order on their site directly. Compared to the Eddy Camelbak, you can jump straight to Amazon or local hiking/camping store and you will be blessed with what ever you need from anywhere in the world. For the convenience, I would say Camelbak has this one.

Winner: Eddy Camelbak

Frank Green 3  |  Eddy Camelbak 3



Frank Green water bottle costs £23.99 and the glass Eddy Camelbak costs £19.78 (as at the time of this post). It cheaper the better, so this one is going to Camelbak

Winner: Eddy Camelbak

Frank Green 3  |  Eddy Camelbak 4


Overall Verdict:

Wow its a tight call, surprisingly the Eddy Camelbak has taking the crown. The ease of use, the lifetime warranty, the ability to easier source replacement parts, the price and the fact that it is glass has meant that this is definitely my go to water bottle. However, I can understand that if you can’t lug the bottle around due to its hefty weight of over half a kilo plus 700g for the water making it a whopping 1.2kg when filled. If you prefer a light weight option, then I would strongly recommend the sleek and minimalist Frank Green.





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  • Reply HARRY NGO December 16, 2018 at 4:55 am

    Great review Jules, I have the glass eddy bottle and it was one of the first camelbak products I bought. I don’t really use it though… i just find it too heavy and I mainly use my bottles at the gym which I can’t bring around.

    I do agree that with the camelbak one its quite hard to clean, my value did accumulate that gross moss stuff too… and have bought replacement values for them.

    The quality of the camelbak is so good there is one i still use after 6 years 🙂

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