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Where to get a good Soy Flat White in London

January 27, 2018

We’ve been trying to find our beloved soy flat whites in London since moving here and there have been real hits and misses. So wanted to create a list of places that I found was great and made us feel satisfied OR felt terrible and ripped-off.

So lets see how these place handle their soy milk / dairy free milk and espresso.


Black Sheep Coffee   

They know how to froth soy milk to perfection. We’ve been here at least 6 times in 3 different locations and the flat whites are consistently good. Their Robusta coffee is strong and we’ve been told its double the caffeine content of regular beans.


Kaffeine – Soho 

Had a very dark rich flavour. There was some coffee art which was nice. The soy milk slightly curdled whilst I was drinking it but that won’t stop me from coming again.


Flat White – Soho 

Very light roast. They didn’t stock soy milk so we opted for Oatly instead.



Not bad. Not bad at all. They frothed the soy milk to a good consistency. The coffee notes were lighter than what we are use to, however, it was still pleasant.



Seems as though the barista didn’t know how to froth the soy milk. So we had macro bubbles instead of micro-foam which was a big disappointment.

Sorry that we didn’t take a photo, we were too upset to photograph it.



Surprisingly, they don’t serve soy milk or any dairy-free milk! So we couldn’t try a soy flat white.


Grammos (Finchley Road)   

Inconsistent coffee. The first soy flat white was well made by a gentleman which we believe to be the owner. However, the second soy flat white was made by a different lady and was quite terrible. She had pour the espresso into the unfrothed milk and begun frothing the entire container. Sad to say, it resulted in a very bitter burnt flavour.



We’ve tried soy flat whites here multiple times and various locations across London. It just doesn’t seem to do it for us. The soy milk is Alpro and it just doesn’t hold the microfoam a well as Bonsoy.


Cafe Nero   

This would on par with Costa. Definitely not a favourite.


Borough Market Truck   

Nothing memorable but it was pretty cool seeing coffee made in the back of a mini truck.


CrossTown Donuts 

This was a nice experience. Although very instagramable, the coffee was just so-so, it was a light roast and soy milk was okay.

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