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Brompton Toolkit Review

September 14, 2018
brompton toolkit

The Brompton toolkit is a neat and stylishly designed toolkit made specically for the Brompton. It fits nicely and seamlessly in the front frame tube in one package and is easily taken out when required. The Brompton toolkit contains everything required to fix a puncture, replace a tyre and make adjustments on the go.

Tookit includes

  • Tyre levers with 8mm +10mm spanners
  • 15mm spanner with ratchet driver
  • Pozi and flat screwdriver bit
  • 5mm + 5mm bit
  • 3mm + 4mm bit
  • 2mm + 6mm bit
  • Puncture repair patches
  • Sandpaper

brompton toolkit

What does it weigh?

This entire kit and its contents weighs about 170 grams.


What can I do with it?

  • Remove both front and back wheels for a puncture repair or entire wheel replacement
  • Spider chain ring
  • Adjust and install seat posts
  • Adjust brake levers & brake pads

Where do I store it?

As this is a cleverly designed toolkit from Brompton, it is made to fit inside the main inside tube of the bike when it is folded. Once placed inside, you can easily pull it out when required and it does not affect the fold-ability of the bike at all.


Is it worth the price?

This toolkit is sold at retail for £50 but can be had for 10% if you’re a member of British Cycling using member discounts. I have so far used it to replace a whole tyre, disassemble the chainring and adjust the seatpost. For the size and ability to store away discreetly and knowing it’s always with your bike when you need it makes this worth every penny.

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  • Reply Chris November 19, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    Hi Eddycai,
    I managed to squeeze in a chain quick link with some plasticine into the toolkit. You have great reviews on the toolkit and Tote Bag that is my favorite bag too. I hope you enjoy your Bromptons for years to come. For some reason they are more enjoyable to ride than a regular mountain bike, probably because of the total freedom they provide (no theft), and the great ride. I like the fact one can buy any part for ones bike, likely for the next 10 years or more. Got my bike in Feb ’18, love it. Cheers from British Columbia.

    • Reply eddycai November 20, 2018 at 7:46 am

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your feedback! Thats great, and will come in handy. Agree, the Brompton is just so much fun to ride and have been riding it to work everyday since May. I have just got some new lights for it and can’t wait to review that also.

      Take care,

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