Vegan and Vegetarian places in London

November 12, 2017

1. Ethos – Soho

A beautiful restuarant lined with tree trunks and soft lighting. It’s a weighted vegetarian buffet that serves kombucha and a variety of drinks. My favourite was the fried lotus root chips.

2. What the Pitta – Shoreditch

They are an award winning kebab shop that is also vegan! The first one I had was at the VegFest – it was amazing. However, the second one wasn’t so good at their store at Boxpark.

3. CookDaily – Shoreditch

What a variety of vegan bowls. From curries to pad thais, the spring rolls addition is a must!

4. Acorns – Bath

Although this is not in London, I wanted to add it as the food was really delicious. We were able to pick a few vegan options from their vegetarian menu which was great! Favourite dish: Pumpkin Risotto – hands down.

5. Mildreds – Soho & Camden

Seems this is our go to place when we are in the city and feeling hungry. Mildreds does a salad lunch with 3 different takeaway box sizes. Favourite dish: Polish burger (minus onions) with fries.

6. Veggie Pret

This is an alternative to the normal Pret. Nothing too outragous but still an option.

7. Tidbits – Soho

Another weighted vegetarian buffet. This is a bit on the pricer side of things if you are famished.

8. Temple of Hackney – Hackney

We’ve tried quite a few vegan burgers now. This place is still our favourite. The freshness of the batter, the size of the seitan and just the pancake burger is divine. Favourite dish: Spicy Burger with fries.

9. Mooshies London – Brick Lane

If you like vegan cheese, this is the place to get it. The cheese is coconut oil based. It smells cheesy, tastes a bit cheesy and looks like cheese. We tried the Jackfruit burger, Fish Om Fillet and cheesy fries. We still both like Temple of Hackney more though…

10. Big V London

This burger just looks so impressive. It was quite tasty too. The owner said it took him 3 days to make the patty.

11. World O burger

One of the saucier burgers we’ve had. Tasted a bit too salty but still a good burger.

Vege Options in restuarants

1. Plum Valley

Delicious you cha guis (oily bread sticks) wrapped in cheung fun (silky rice wrappers) and something called a monk cheung fun.

2. Shoryu – Soho

There are 2 vegan ramen bowls on the menu, however, we won’t be going again. Although the nooodles were delicious, everything else in the bowl didn’t really wow us.

3. Banh Mi Bay

There are a few good options to here from here. We ordered the Banh Mi and the noodle salad.

4. Hummus Bros

What’s interesting is that they don’t use garlic in their Hummus so you can go back to your 2pm meeting safe 🙂

5. Wasabi

There are quite a few vegan options here. More of a lunch location to visit when you’re in a rush for a quick lunch. The is just a delicious asian version of a salad. There’s mochi and other asian snacks too.

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