Weekend in Salzburg

April 29, 2018

One of the reasons we moved to London was that it enabled us to travel to nearby European cities on weekends instead of taking a massive European holiday. We have been truly inspired by the Travel Man, Richard Ayoade. Richard hosts a TV show that take him and a guest to a city travelable from London for 48 hours. He maximises some of the world’s most popular destinations in a bite size time frame by fitting as much of the city into 48 hours i.e. a weekend. We love his catch phrase – “We’re here but should we have come!” and have been pronouncing it every time we land in a city just like he does in his show.



Located in Austria, Salzburg is a surrounded by views of the Alps. The river separates the old UNESCO heritage listed section and the new towns in the city. It is home to palaces, castles and churches.


Things to See and do

  • Mirabelle Palace
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • Residenzplatz
  • Mozartplatz
  • Mirabellgarten

After a steep climb up the fortress, this is the gorgeous view. There’s a train that can take you up but we’re frugal and decided it was probably worth the exercise.

Don’t worry… its not a real man standing on top of the golden globe.

 Love locks on one of the many bridges.

Sound of music scene coming through!


Foods you just have to try

Gusta V

A nice cosy cafe that was walking distance from our hotel. We had vegan scrambled tofu and sandwich for lunch. It was very tasty and filling. Make sure to try the sandwich which was filled with roasted vegetables. The bread was fresh and crisp on the outside – delish!


The tables in this cafe were upcycled and the table we sat was once a sewing table. With the peddle and everything!


Street food stand was selling all sorts of pretzels. We tried the pumpkin seeded pretzel and it was delicious. The pretzel is so large it was enough to share between two.


The city itself isn’t very large so being able to walk from site to site was good. However, there were buses available between sites. We caught a bus from the airport to the city which only came every hour because it was a weekend.



We stayed close by to the city centre at Hotel am Mirabellplatz. It was a decent hotel, however they had overbooked for the weekend and were put in a different room configuration. However, we were compensated with a hearty all you can eat breakfast!


Finally – “We’re here but should we have come?”

The good:

  • Magnificent views from the fortress
  • Views of the mountain ranges within the city
  • Quiet city with few tourists

The bad:

  • Not too many vegan options
  • Not too much to do at night as most stores were closed


Total Cost Breakdown: £365

Transport: £209.98

Accommodation: £75

Food & Drinks: £80.09


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