Berlin in 48 Hours – Walking Tour, Christmas Market Crawl and Kopps

December 3, 2017

Berlin! What a city we have been hearing about since we arrived in the UK. Christmas Markets, dense history and plentiful vegan restaurants were the top three things that lead us here. Berlin seems to have a Christmas market every corner we turned and every food joint had a vegan option applied onto their menu. Our first impression of Berlin was that it was grey but within a few hours, the lights from the christmas markets and shopping centres lit the streets into a warm hygge outdoor setting.

Walking Tour:

We joined a free walking tour as soon as we hopped off the train from the airport. Here are some of the highlights.

Bradenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial

Checkpoint Charlie

Vintage mini cars skidding around

University Humboldt – book burning

People peddling vehicles whilst drinking beer

Street Crossings – they always amuse me

Christmas Market Crawl

What an atmosphere! Maybe it’s because I was here with a loved one but it just felt so cosy even in the freezing temperatures. We managed to go to 4 Christmas markets. These markets generally open from the 1 Dec and carry on into 25 Dec.

Gendermenmarkt (Mitte)

These chestnuts were expensive but the warm tenderness of the insides were just delicious.

I have discovered my favourite things in Christmas Markets. These deep fried babies are called Langos. So glad they had 2 vegan options. Definitely must try these if you encounter them.

Small one outside Humboldt University (Mitte)


Potsdamer Platz (Tiergarten) & Mall of Berlin

Vegan Restuarant: Kopps

There were so many vegan restuarants in Berlin, we decided to try this place because they do a vegan brunch buffet. The buffet costs 15 euros and water cost 4 euros (they don’t offer tap water so, I would suggest to order a different drink if you go) This place had the best pancakes I’ve ever had, irregardless of being vegan. They were slightly crunchy and just so fluffy – I can definitely concur with the reviews I read about the pancakes. The chia seed pudding was also very good but everything else was just okay.

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