Mount Kosciusko

April 4, 2015

Day 1

The drive from Sydney to Jindabyne was a nice drive. We stopped at the first Maccas to have breakfast and the second in Canberra.

We stopped by Paddy Pallin in Jindabyne to purchase plastic spoons, rope and containers. We had lunch at the Jindabyne town centre. Eddy ordered a pastry from the popular bakery and I got the salad wrap.

We reached the gates of the Mt Kosciusko National Park. It was $16 for 24 hours. Took about 30 mins to drive to the entrance of Charlottes Pass. The scenery was so vast and amazing. We passed Perisher where there were so many chalets lined up along the road.

Parking the car was rather difficult. People parked on the side of the road, half on the tarmac and half on the rock terrain. Our car couldn’t park properly and required the help of a man from the car in front to give our car a push as the wheel was spinning on nothing.

We decided to park further down the road next to Chris’s car.

The start of the hike involved lots of adjustments. Adjusting the layers of clothing we had on, adjusting straps, weight distribution and picking up lots of fallen items.

We sat near the Blue Lake and the silent was beautiful. When everyone kept still and sat on the hay stacks, the peace was serine. After the blue lake, the temperature started to drop. imageWe were attempting to reach Wilkinson Creek before Sunset. However, after much hiking and sore back, we couldn’t beat the sun. We took a short cut and set up tent on a hill. We noticed there were other tents nearby and thought it was a good place to camp. Setting up 3 tents in the dark was not as enjoyable as we thought. I was exhausted and my appetite had gone by the time we settled into our tent.


Eddy and Harry were excited to start fire on their jetboilers. They ate chips as they waited for their water to boil. We brought instant noodle bowls and poured the hot water into the bowls. After a few minutes, we had a bowl of delicious noodles and hot soup.

During the night, it was freezing. I felt so disturbed at how cold it had gotten and how difficult it was for me to fall back asleep. I tried to cover myself with my down jacket and secure my beanie back on my head.

However, after much effort, the coverage was just not enough and I stayed awake, attempting to pull my feet closer to the core of my body. Eddy on the other hand fell sound asleep.


Day 2

imageEddy and Chris went down the hill to fetch a pail of water from Wilkinson Creek. They said we were camping on a such a high incline that they were surprised that we didn’t topple over. We packed up and trekked to the summit of Mt Kosciusko. My pack was just too heavy for me and I decided to leave it at the bottom of trail. It was a busy walk with a lot of day walkers passing us.

Chris walked a head of us so the three of us took a leisurely, stroll for the rest of the track circuit. It was a much busier path than the day before and the road was flat which was good as we were tired!

The rain caught up to us on the last 20min of the walk – and saw Chris at the end. It was such a relief to be back in the car and drive back to our hotel for the evening. Didn’t really end up buying dinner, but stocked up on some supplies at the woolies – it was totally raided by last minute shoppers!

Day 3

Early morning stroll along the lake. Julieanne was already outside looking at the sculptures. The drive back was quick – only two stops along the way. Weekend went by so quick!!

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