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Weekend in Wroclaw, Poland

October 7, 2018

One of the reasons we moved to London was that it enabled us to travel to nearby European cities on weekends instead of taking a massive European holiday. We have been truly inspired by the Travel Man, Richard Ayoade. Richard hosts a TV show that take him and a guest to a city travelable from London for 48 hours. He maximises some of the world’s most popular destinations in a bite size time frame by fitting as much of the city into 48 hours i.e. a weekend. We love his catch phrase – “We’re here but should we have come!” and have been pronouncing it every time we land in a city just like he does in his show.


Wrocław has been listed as one of the top cities to visit in Europe. It has been under the radar for quite some years but has drawn more tourist as low-cost airlines have made Wroclaw more accessible. With a higher purchasing power of the pound and the lower cost of living, Wroclaw is definitely an affordable holiday destination. With Polish food on our mind, we set off on a vegan food safari!

Things to See and do

  • Market Square
  • Ostrów Tumski
  • Brass Gnomes litter around the streets
  • City Museum


We flew into Wroclaw from Stansted, UK. It was a short and hassle-free plane ride. Upon landing, we were directed to the bus stop outside of the airport. You can pay for a bus ticket using your credit/debit card. £1.34 for a ticket to the city.

Top Tip –

Almost everything is cashless, even the public transport. No need to exchange any money at the airport as you will most definitely be left with currency at the end of the trip.





Vegan friendliness rating: 5 out of 5

We didn’t have enough time to try all the vegan cafes and restaurants. We managed to squeeze the following in the time we were here.

Vega Bar Veganski

Was that just the best Polish Burger or what! This was an amazing restaurant serving absolutely delicious food. There are 2 sections at Vega Bar – Top floor and ground floor. We recommend you try the ground floor menu which is primarily Polish foods. The top floor is international foods, such as burgers, pizzas and curry but you’re in Poland so get some Polish food into your belly!


Najadacze pl Vege Kuchnia Swiata

Dumplings. You need to try their dumplings. The warm potato filling was so hearty. The falafel balls was a surprising treat too! You can order them by the numbers. All the food was freshly cooked and was really good value for money.

Bez Lukru

This coffee shop creates their own milks. However, their crepes are the real standout dish. Fresh crepes jammed packed with salad, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes. This cafe is so cosy, you will lose track of time.



Krowarzywa, Vegan Burger

This was a interestingly designed restaurant. It serves burgers and wraps. The flavours were okay, nothing special but would be great if you had a craving for a burger.

wroclaw poland



We stayed at Sofitel not realising how cheap other accomodation was. At £68 a night we thought it was a bargain for what we got. It was located right in the centre of the city and all the amenities were great. There was even a sleep menu that you could choose teas, rooms sprays, pillow selections to help you sleep at night. We were surprisingly greeted with a nice cooling drink and some snacks in the room.


Finally – “We’re here but should we have come?”

The good:

  • Interesting city with history
  • Lots of vegan options
  • Not saturated with tourists

The bad:

  • Nothing.


Total Cost Breakdown: £228.22

Transport: £106.56

Accommodation: £68.22

Food & Drinks: £53.44

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