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Aesop Mouthwash Review

December 26, 2017

Being inspired by the zero-waste lifestyle I was on a discovery to create my own mouthwash. But first, we need a bottle! I’ve gone through many bottle to make my own mouth wash, Aesop’s Mouthwash bottle is certainly my favourite so far. At $25AUD it is quite expensive to pay for mouth wash. That being said, I have re-used the bottle enough times to make it worth it.

Taste (5/10)

The key flavours you taste is Clove Bud, Anise and Spearmint Leaf. Personally, I prefer a strong and punchy mouthwash so I found Aesop’s to be too mild. This combination of flavours also tasted liquorice to me. I am definitely not a fan of liquorice to this is why I wouldn’t go out to buy another bottle of this.

Bubbling effect (7/10)

I liked that this mouthwash didn’t foam and bubble when I gargled. I found that normal supermarket brands constantly bubbled over the top when I gargled which wasn’t pleasant.

Measuring Cup (9/10)

This was a nice surprise when I opened the box. A small measuring cup that allows you to measure how much mouthwash to use. I did use this at the beginning, however, I found taking a swig from the bottle much more time efficient.

Weight (9/10)

I love that the bottle is so weighty. It feels like a solid glass bottle made in the 60’s – authentic and classy.

Overall (8.3/10)

I would only recommend this mouthwash if you like mild tasting mouthwash. However, highly recommend this bottle if you are going to start making your own mouthwash. (Here’s my usual recipe) It looks great in the bathroom and gives me incentive to use mouthwash on a regular basis.

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  • Reply Kol August 28, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    I ourchased the mouthwash off of lookfantastic but I did not receieve a measuring cup..would you know where I could obtain one?

    • Reply julieannely August 28, 2019 at 6:38 pm

      Oh no! Go back to the shop and ask – I’m sure they might have just forgotten or get in touch with Aesop directly.

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